The 2020 INCOMPAS Show


Thank you to all who Joined us at The INCOMPAS Show – A Virtual Event!

September 14-16, 2020

The Independent Data Center Alliance was pleased to host three data center-focused panels at The 2020 INCOMPAS Show. For those who may have been unable to attend, please see playbacks of our sessions below!

After you register, mark your calendars to attend the sessions of your choice. We recommend you join the following panels on Wednesday, September 16:


As data centers evolved from more than just compute storage warehouses to major interconnection and aggregation points enabling all kinds of connectivity solutions, this panel brings together leading companies enabling dynamic, software-defined interconnection solutions. Hear how platform makers enable improved network performance, provide greater control, reduce costs and enhance flexibility with fortified access to networks of all kinds through a single connection. Join us as we explore the important role these platforms and software solutions play in the data center.


As the digital divide continues to impact businesses and individuals seeking to evolve online and in their businesses, regional data center providers convene to discuss the shift required by operators and the growing need for network aggregation points, interconnectivity, regional network partnerships and more. Join us for a discussion among independent data center operators as they explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in operational requirements and the growing need for neutral aggregation points to ensure content, cloud and applications can serve the greatest number of people at the edge.


From shell/core to network connectivity, what makes data centers valuable in the markets they serve? Join us for an insightful panel with some of the industry’s leading investment banking and financial providers, as they discuss how data center valuations are changing and shifting. During the discussion, we will explore how financial partners evaluate carrier hotels versus data centers, as well as various roll-up strategies from M&As to restructuring, sale/leasebacks and more. Topical questions, such as pre-pandemic and post-pandemic impacts and changes, will also be explored. If you want to know the important elements to consider when you seek an exit and what really matters to the investors today, then you don’t want to miss this session.

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