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Originally posted to Data Center POST

Phillip Koblence, NYI’s Co-Founder and COO, and member of the Independent Data Center Alliance participated in a webinar with guest speakers that included Arun Shenoy, SVP Sales for ServerFarm titled, “Our New Disrupted Reality: The Future of Internet Infrastructure.” The webinar focused on how the recent shift of mission-critical IT is putting the connectivity industry into the spotlight, with the world recognizing their reliance on Internet infrastructure.

The panelists shared some of their personal experiences with the changes and shifts they have experienced as a result of the disrupted reality. Some of the biggest challenges discussed included work life balance, technical hurdles, maintaining productivity. Having work life balance has been the most challenging. Mr. Shenoy mentioned “it takes a level of discipline and thought setting up that environment, and discipline to know when are you there, when are you not, when can you do something that you do not feel guilty about. For example, going to lunch in an office environment for an hour is okay but going to lunch for an hour at home – I’m not doing what I should be doing.”

Mr. Koblence said, “when I was going into the office in the city, I always felt like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, always rushing to get out of the house because trying to get to the kids to school and get to the office for a particular meeting only to get a phone call to say, I am needed at a data center or to meet for a tour or something not on my calendar. Then always rushing home so I can get to have dinner with the kids as a family. There is some level of just relaxation, that removal, that burden of being expected to be in different places  that I think is beneficial, of course making sure you’re still present.”

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