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Salute Mission Critical Employs Veterans and Military Spouses to Operate and Maintain  Data Centers With Military Precision and Reliability

NEW YORK – May 5, 2021 –  The Independent Data Center Alliance (IND-DCA), a consortium of global independent data center and carrier hotel operators welcomes Salute Mission Critical as an association partner for 2021. IND-DCA, founded by Bluebird Network, DataGryd, maincubes and Ilissa Miller of iMiller Public Relations and NEDAS, unites the data center community to collaborate and create solutions for buyers of colocation and data center facilities. This partnership between IND-DCA and Salute Mission Critical will further enable Salute to provide world class data center support offered by their highly trained veteran technicians. The Independent Data Center Alliance welcomes Salute into its global network and will continue to introduce Salute into markets where they can deliver premier IT Data Center Lifecycle services to help operators operate and maintain  data centers.

“Salute Mission Critical provides global services to support their clients throughout the entire life cycle of a data center. Known for their unique model that balances “People, Process and Purpose” and drives value to clients daily. It is a company that has the ability to recruit and transform veterans and military spouses to become highly trained data center professionals,” comments Ilissa Miller, co-founder of the Independent Data Center Alliance and CEO of iMiller Public Relations.

Tom Brown, co-founder of the Independent Data Center Alliance and CEO of DataGryd continues, “The IND-DCA is about showcasing industry leading companies committed to service excellence and transforming the data center industry. Salute’s core values of integrity, reliability and work ethic fall in line with those of the Independent Data Center Alliance and we are enthusiastic about working alongside our new partner and being a platform for Salute to succeed.”

Jason Okroy, CEO and Co-Founder of Salute Mission Critical comments, “We are excited to bring our global services capability to this partnership. Our partnership with IND-DCA will enable single market colocation clients to leverage a global brand, reduce TCO while providing customer experiences needed to support the growth in our industry, all at scale.”

Salute Mission Critical operates in 25 countries supporting 249 clients with the help of 21 – 24/7 teams and the use of two command centers. Salute’s many services include racking new equipment, structuring cabling, and white space custom build outs. The organization provides custom technical security, command center operations, critical power services, battery maintenance and cleaning services. This data center services firm is equipped to handle day-to-day operations and project-based services. Hyperscalers and colocation providers have the ability to instill trust in Salute in getting the job done. Salute delivers tangible business outcomes for their clients including increased productivity, global scalability, operational efficiency and much more. IND-DCA will provide Salute the opportunity to reach potential clients outside Salute’s individual service areas to further expand their footprint in the data center ecosystem.

With the same end goal in mind, IND-DCA and Salute Mission Critical thrive on helping data center clients to expand their companies and grow outreach in the telecommunications industry while advocating for careers. The Independent Data Center Alliance would like to extend the acknowledgement to all the men and women who have served and thank them for their service. The Alliance is excited to be working with Salute as a premier global data center services company.

To learn more about the Independent Data Center Alliance, click here. To learn more about Salute Mission Critical,  and all of their products and services, click here.

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About The Independent Data Center Alliance

The Independent Data Center Alliance (IND-DCA) is a consortium of independent data center and carrier hotel operators engaged in joint go to market initiatives that include commercial agreements to co-market and co-promote their individual facilities as a collective. The Alliance provides participants an opportunity to reach potential buyers outside their individual service areas sharing the advantages of their respective locations while providing a wide network of options to buyers. Learn more at

About the Salute Mission Critical, Inc.

Salute Mission Critical, Inc. is a global Data Center services company that delivers a new operating model that is agile, resilient and scalable. From webscale to edge clients and their tenants the Salute operating model is more cost effective, more resilient and strategically advantageous. Salute delivers world class services to the fastest growing data center companies in the industry. The Salute operating model is built on a rich history that skillfully integrated best practices from the military and the industry. Salute deploys, manages, and decommissions data center sites with consistent high-quality results with military precision. Our ability to recruit, train, deploy and support our teams is unique and proves the value of military training, practices and veterans as the forgotten talent pool of disciplined, adaptable and trainable personnel. The meteoric growth of Salute has had the dual benefit of helping data center clients rapidly grow and change without risk and helped thousands of veterans and military spouses start careers in the data center industry, dramatically changing the lives of veterans and their families. Salute has been recognized by the industry as the best example of a business with a social conscience Learn more at

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