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The Independent Data Center Alliance is proud to host Salute Mission Critical for a LIVE webinar, “The Data Center Explosion: How Companies Can Scale Efficiently and Effectively with Trained Personnel,” on September 30th, at 2 PM ET. Bluebird Network’s Chief Revenue Officer, Trent Anderson, will be joining Scott MacIntire, Vice President of Partner Success of Salute Mission Critical, to discuss with viewers the “Old World” versus the “New World” of data center operations while exploring the challenges of managing a lean operation. 

Salute Mission Critical, a global data center services company that employs veterans and military spouses to operate and maintain data centers, will present to viewers a new operating model that is agile, resilient and scalable. Scott will discuss Salute’s operating model that is built on skillful, integrated practices from both the data center industry as well as the military. Salute deploys, manages and decommissions data center sites with consistent high-quality results with military precision. From technical security, command center operations, critical power services, battery maintenance, project-based services and day-to-day operations of the data center, Scott will explain how Salute Mission Critical can help companies streamline their operations with their well-trained, multi-skilled workforce, with military expertise. 

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The Independent Data Center Alliance welcomes all to join the IND-DCA and its members for more collaborative opportunities within the data center community including webinars, podcasts, and interviews. IND-DCA Founding Members include:  Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and data center operator; DataGryd, a data center company that meets the ever-increasing demand for data processing and data storage centers in New York’s urban market; iMiller Public Relations, an industry leading global Public Relations strategy firm for the communications infrastructure & technology industries; and maincubes, a data center operator and an expert in colocation and digitization. Further benefiting the IND-DCA are 2021 Members: NYI, a trusted infrastructure partner to clients across a range of industries offering a comprehensive set of hybrid solutions across cloud, multi-cloud, colocation and managed services; Salute Mission Critical, a global data center services company that delivers a new operating model that is agile, resilient and scalable; and TSP, an award-winning and customer-endorsed technology solutions company.