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Reliable Connectivity Still Remains an Issue, Even on School Grounds

According to the U.S. Education Department, the number of students who have enrolled in summer school exceeded the estimated 3.3 million from 2019, pre-pandemic. The soar of summer school enrollment results from over a year of unprecedented virtual learning with various disruptions and challenges. With COVID-19 causing a virtual shift in 2020, the demand for connectivity has skyrocketed, widening the digital divide and driving the need for reliable internet service which has become essential to everyday life.

During the pandemic, many students in the Midwest – especially those in underserved markets –  had difficulties accessing a virtual education, causing challenges in communication with their peers and teachers due to unreliable internet connections. The digital divide has been an ongoing issue for many years, but recently we have seen a steep acceleration in service providers expanding their footprint and deploying connectivity to underserved communities to meet heightened demands.

Michael Morey, President & CEO of Bluebird Network, recently shared in a Telecom Ramblings interview that, “Industries most impacted [by COVID-19] are healthcare, government, education and more. It’s critical that these industries in underserved regions have access to strong connections with very low latency.”

Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and operator of two data centers, is fully committed to empowering organizations through their digital journey and enriching the lives of the communities they serve. As the internet is now an integral part of everyday life, Bluebird understands the urgent need of a reliable internet connection for educational institutions at all levels throughout the Midwest by providing connectivity and the bandwidth required, supporting the best education practices through technology.

As the world slowly shifts back to normal, more students are attending class in person, but the challenges of accessing reliable connectivity still exist on school grounds in the Midwest and other underserved markets. Due to faulty connection, students and teachers come across challenges when trying to efficiently utilize technology such as laptops, tablets and other educational tools.

As the #2 internet provider for public schools in the state of Missouri, Bluebird strengthens and provides secure and reliable internet connectivity for students and teachers whether in-person or homebound learning is taking place. Bluebird believes educational institutions should have the proper tools to help their students succeed and foster thriving communities.