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Recognizing the impact of the 5G rollout underway nationally, Bluebird Network is answering the challenge by providing fiber to over 500 cellular towers. This significant expansion will cover 28 markets throughout the Midwest. In addition to providing connectivity to these towers, the fiber network will enhance connectivity for businesses, carriers, and communities delivering access to reliable, secure, and high-capacity network services. The network expansion is already underway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Bluebird understands that these connections are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity for businesses. Many applications require low latency to ensure optimal performance, requiring a concerted effort to move access closer to end-users. Bluebird is stepping up their network capabilities to ensure the communities they serve have the connectivity needed to embrace the digital economy.

With Bluebird’s newest commitment, the addition of fiber access to these 500 towers will further strengthen Midwest businesses and residents with enhanced network access to leverage the latest technology driving digital transformation.

This fiber deployment is just further evidence of the Bluebird goal of delivering the very best network capabilities to the Midwest. In 2020 Bluebird completed numerous projects bringing the best technology to Springfield, Jefferson City, Joplin, Stafford, Hannibal, and Columbia Missouri. Now Bluebird is setting its sights on Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma. 

As Bluebird Network pushes forward in 2021, they take pride in contributing to the future growth of each and every Midwestern community. Read the full press release here.