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The data center industry has seen major shifts in the nature of work in the last couple of years. With Work From Home increasing, we are also observing the shift to artificial intelligence, automation, and other developments (think 5G) that are constantly sculpting the data center ecosystem.  

Hyperscalers and cloud providers are integrating artificial intelligence services into data center deployment and the day-to-day operations of their facilities. Solutions such as Digital Twins are replacing physical data center replicas to ensure site optimization with every add, move or change to the infrastructure environment. Other solutions leverage AI to autonomously handle many operational tasks within the data center while optimizing on the many functions necessary to run efficiently with little downtime. AI has the power of a multitude of technologies to work together to enable data center assets to comprehend and act upon actions needed to properly operate the data center at a human level of intelligence. Artificial intelligence within the data centers prove to drive efficiency and accuracy of the functions in the data center environment. For example, these automated systems can be used to predict faults in the cooling operations and other predictive maintenance processes to ensure customer loads in the data center are tended to in the most efficient way possible. The data center industry will see an increase in artificial intelligence to maximize uptime, quickly detect potential risks and optimize on the amount of energy usage in the data center resulting in lower costs and savings. 

Hand in hand with artificial intelligence, data center operators are turning towards a major shift in automation. Streamlining workflows and processes of the data center through automation increases the operational efficiency and accuracy that is crucial for data centers to acquire. Reducing IT time to perform daily tasks or maintenance on data center equipment is valuable to not only the data center owners and operators, but the customers who reside within the data center. Minimizing the potential risk of human error is a key element. Automation within the data center delivers quick insight on the equipment, automates routine procedures, monitors tasks, and limits the need for human touch. The data center industry will see a sizable conversion to automation, resulting in an decrease in IT and data center professionals. However, data centers will need the human touch to successfully manage these automation systems, communicate face-to-face to customers and overlook the whole data center operation. 

With flexible work solutions sticking as we weather the COVID-19 crisis, employees need to have the capability to collaborate with team members no matter the physical location, similar to being able to sit in the office. Data centers have an important role acting as the point of access for data and other business applications to live in. Colocation facilities provide the connectivity solutions that allow for cloud computing which is crucial for remote work. Data centers and colocation facilities are also key in IT security, disaster recovery, and compliance. With the trend in automation and work-from-home, the data center and network industry will continue to see a rise in hiring and job openings. With the increased demand of data storage and data processing, data center construction is at an all time high. Professionals to fill technical positions, engineering and project management are in high demand in response to the rise in data center construction nationwide which will continue in the next few years. The data center industry will continue to grow and prosper in 2022. 

The Independent Data Center Alliance thanks its Founding Members: Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and data center operator; DataGryd, a data center company that meets the ever-increasing demand for data processing and data storage centers in New York’s urban market; iMiller Public Relations, an industry leading global Public Relations strategy firm for the communications infrastructure & technology industries; and maincubes, a data center operator and an expert in colocation and digitization. The IND-DCA would also like to give a special thank you to its 2021 Members: NYI, a trusted infrastructure partner to clients across a range of industries offering a comprehensive set of hybrid solutions across cloud, multi-cloud, colocation and managed services; Salute Mission Critical, a global data center services company that delivers a new operating model that is agile, resilient and scalable; and TSP, an award-winning and customer-endorsed technology solutions company. 

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